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Why is fostering important?

We invite you to become an important link in a caring chain of events that saves the lives of homeless pets. By opening your heart and home to a shelter pet, you are providing an additional vital resource that we are not able to duplicate in a shelter setting. If you are able to foster for any length of time, from days to weeks to months, you are directly contributing to LifeLine's mission of ending the euthanasia of healthy, treatable, and adoptable pets. Fostering saves lives and is an enormous help to us. Become our partner in a no-kill Atlanta.


Why do animals need to be fostered?

Fostering serves as the bridge between shelter life and a forever home. It allows animals with a home environment to grow and heal.

  • Medical - animals recovering from surgery or illness appreciate a quiet and cozy place to heal.
  • Behavior - many of our animals benefit from one-on-one attention where they can overcome shyness, learn basic obedience, have space to run and play, etc.
  • Age - because all animals will be spayed/neutered before adoption, many of the kittens that come into our care are simply not old enough to be spayed/neutered and therefore not old enough for adoption
  • To make room for another animal coming into our care!

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