Losing your pet can be a very heartbreaking and overwhelming experience. We have compiled the best tips for finding your lost pet.


Visit Our Shelter Immediately

  • Visit us in person every day.
  • Due to the volume of impounded animals, we are not able to confirm if we have your animal via phone or email.
  • Let the front desk staff know you are there to look for your lost pet.
  • Also check counties bordering Dekalb County. You would be amazed at how far lost pets can travel!
  • Look for photos on our website. We give each animal a name during intake, so your pet will will have a different name once listed on the website.
  • If you see your pet listed on our site, call us to let us know and visit us immediately.

When lost animals come into our facility, we scan them for a microchip. If the animal is microchipped, we are able to contact the owner. Make sure that your pet's microchip company has your current contact information such as phone number and email address. If your pet is wearing a rabies tag, registration tag, or license tag, make sure that the tag agency has your current phone numbers.

Lost pets may be held for only three days after intake, therefore, it is important that you visit the shelter right away and repeatedly every few days to check for your lost pet. Bring your driver's license and proof of ownership (photo, vet bill) in order to reclaim your pet.


Use Your Network

  • Use social media sites, such as Facebook and NextDoor, to post information and pictures on your own pages and ask friends to share.
  • Send emails to neighbors with pictures and information about your pet.
  • Hang letter size flyers with your pet’s picture at veterinary offices and pet supply stores.


Flyer Tips

  • Hang 1/2 poster board brightly colored signs at major intersections within a 3–5 mile radius of where the dog was lost or 1 mile radius of where the cat was lost.
  • Include a clear photograph of your pet on the flyer.
  • Use extremely large lettering with concise information, such as, “LOST SMALL WHITE MALE DOG, Call 404-xxx-xxxx.”
  • Duct tape can be wrapped around poles to affix the signs.
  • Include the location and date the pet went missing on the flyer and consider offering an award.


Read more information about Finding Lost Pets.

Other Helpful Links

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Check our pet listing below to see if you recognize your pet. Not all pets are pictured and this is not a substitute for visiting the shelter. If you see your pet online, please call and email us to let us know that we may have your pet and come to our shelter immediately to reclaim him or her!

Please note that we name all animals on intake, so you may see your own pet listed below with a different name. Scroll down to see our dogs and cats.

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