If you have found a pet in DeKalb County with a registered rabies tag, you can look up the owner information online here.

Found a stray pet in DeKalb County? FIRST, check out our tips on What To Do When You Find a Stray Pet.

LifeLine's Friendly Finders program is an innovative way to help keep found animals out of the shelter and allow community residents to foster them for five days until they are available for adoption!

Shelters are very stressful places for animals. Animals that enter as strays need to be held for a period of time to allow owners the opportunity to be reunited with their missing pets. Instead of having these animals stay in the shelter, we offer an opportunity for the kind citizens who found them and brought them to the shelter to temporarily keep these animals in their homes.


If you are a DeKalb County resident and in current possession of a stray pet, please bring the pet to DeKalb County Animal Services during business hours. Our intake staff will provide you with further direction.


Benefits of our Friendly Finder program:

  • Pets stay healthier when they are not in a shelter environment. All animals will receive vaccinations before they leave the shelter.
  • Pets in foster homes are less stressed and more behaviorally sound. We have had so much success with our foster programs simply by getting animals out of the shelters and into homes, even for a few days.
  • We learn more about a pet's true personality from our foster parents. Your observations will help us better market the animal when they become available for adoption. This helps us find the best matches for our shelter friends.


What's involved in becoming a Friendly Finder?


We rely on community members like yourself to help provide the best options for the animals that come into our shelters. You can make a difference in an animal's life by becoming a Friendly Finder today.