By submitting the adoption contract, I agree to be bound by and to comply with the following terms and conditions for the adoption of the above captioned animal:
I hereby acknowledge receiving the above described pet from DeKalb County Animal Services (DCAS) and acknowledge that I am 18 years or older.

I agree to provide proper and sufficient food, water, shelter, and kind treatment for the animal at all times. I agree to have the animal immunized and
examined annually by a veterinarian at my expense.

I understand that DCAS cannot guarantee the health of any animal. By signing this agreement, I agree to take the animal to a veterinarian of my choosing
and at my own expense for a veterinary examination within two weeks of adoption. I further agree that any and all future expenses for veterinary care are my
sole financial responsibility.

I understand and agree that the animal I am adopting will be sterilized prior to being released into my care and that final transfer of ownership will not occur
until the animal is sterilized.

I will not abandon this animal or allow this animal to be used for purposes of vivisection or experimentation.

I will not permit this animal to run at large or to become a public nuisance; I will observe all city, county and state animal regulations; I will keep identification
on the animal at all times; and I will immediately retrieve the animal from any public or private shelter when notified that the animal is being held at any such
location. In the event the animal becomes lost, I will make every reasonable effort and attempt to relocate and claim the animal.

I will at no time assert any claim, charge or demand of any kind or nature against DCAS for any future charges that may be incurred by me, including
veterinary fees, in connection with the animal.

I understand that there will be NO REFUNDS and NO EXCHANGES regarding the adoption of the above animal and that if I return the pet to DCAS after 30
days there will be an Owner Surrender Fee of $35.

I understand that the information provided to me about the animal I am adopting may have been received by DCAS from third parties and this information
cannot be relied upon and that DCAS does not warrant the accuracy or correctness of such information.

I understand that animals can be unpredictable and that DCAS cannot anticipate or insure the conduct of animals adopted from DCAS. I acknowledge that DCAS
has not made through its agents, volunteers, or employees, any representations or warranties regarding the condition, health,
temperament, or conduct of the animal. I hereby accept the animal as-is, assume all risks and responsibilities associated with ownership of the animal, including bites and the
health of the animal, and I hereby fully and completely release, indemnify, and hold harmless DCAS, LifeLine Animal Project, its directors, officers,
volunteers, agents, servants, and employees from any claim, cause of action or liability of any sort or nature, whether known or unknown, directly arising out
of or in connection with the adoption, care, or ownership, maintenance, retention, temperament, conduct or condition of the animal.

This contract may be specifically enforceable by DCAS through judicial proceedings, including the right of the DCAS to recover the animal without notice or
warning due to any breach of terms of this contract. I hereby agree that in the event I breach this contract and DCAS files suit to enforce this contract or to
defend any claim under this contract, that I will pay any court costs and attorneys’ fees that are incurred by DCAS in connection herewith. This contract is
subject to and governed by Georgia law.